The unique PROPIOGUARD serial is specially designed for acne skin, specially developed as an overall treatment and acne prevention, it heals and rehabilitates the skin. The formulations of this class retard the activity of the lactic acid glands, reduce excess amounts of Sebum and significantly reduces the bacterial activity – as a result significantly reducing the reproduction of the bacteria causing acne.

In addition to medical treatment, we offer various cosmetic preparations which are targeted for external manifestations of acne (inflammatory skin, abscessed pimples, oily skin) and also for direct treatment of the causes of the illness itself which include:

  • Hyperkeratosis or thickening of the skin layer
  • Blocking of the follicle of the hair
  • Reproduction of bacteria causing acne

This class has fast and amazing effects when used daily. It is advisable to use PROPIOGUARD with DERMO CONTROL group in order to maximize the positive effects of the treatment.