The eyes are the dominant and central part of the face. They attract our attention from the first look and thereafter. The eyes reflect our emotional state and they practically show the state of our souls.

The skin around the eyes indicate our age and our health situation and to our sorrow the skin around the eye is the fastest aging relative to other parts of the face - as in fact aging signs are the most remarkable.

The deterioration signs of the skin around the eyes are wrinkles and early wrinkle lines, darkness and swelling. The reason for those can be different and diversified, but most of the time they are related one another and they are synergistic.

The skin around the eye is thinner than the other parts of the face, almost there is no fatty tissue instead there is a loose tissue which is easily stretched and cause swelling.

During the years, the connective tissues of the eyelids become looser, are stretched easier, residual of the small fatty tissue budges and become swollen.

The serial for the treatment of the skin around eyes was developed based on the newest research in biotechnology, by using numerous active ingredients which are soothing and whitening the skin, giving a fresh and glowing look and feeling.

The preparations smooth the skin around the eye fast and effectively, protect the skin against wrinkles in early stages, reduce the swelling of the region, nourish and stimulate, give the skin elasticity and softness and promote collagen production.

The whole serial contains compounds rich in active ingredients which accelerate the renewal of the skin, help to capture moisturizers in the skin and protects from the damages of the oxygen in the air.