As the problems of teenage acne are left behind, comes on a hormonal stabilization. Aging processes are still far ahead and a woman can enjoy a wonderful period of beauty and youth. However, even the most beautiful normal type of skin needs everyday care and protection.

Normal skin, beautiful and healthy, without rush, hyper function of sebaceous glands and tendency to excessive dryness is in any cases exposed to the negative influence of the environment and everyday life stress:

  • The influence of the weather (solar activity in the summer and low temperatures and wind in the winter);
  • Bad habits (a poor diet, smoking, alcohol abuse);
  • Overworking, lack of a proper regime and rest;
  • Inadequate or improper skin care, the use of aggressive cosmetic products or make up over use.

Under the effect of these stress factors the skin becomes dull, sensitive, its protective barrier is violated, a rush might occur and the regeneration process and collagen production are slowed down.

BLOSSOM is an innovative complex of cosmetic products with ideally balanced active components for normal skin. Light textured, oil free and delicately aromatic creams are made for effective moisture, protection from free radicals and UV radiation.

BLOSSOM w ill ideally fit women with normal, unproblematic skin who have first signs of aging and want to maintain its natural beauty, health and youth.